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Potential Scams Should be Reported to or 1-833-993-3873  

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is asking Californians to be aware of and to quickly report any indications of possible fraudulent or other questionable activities by individuals attempting to take advantage of the state's recently announced COVID-19 vaccination incentive programs.

The first cash prize drawing of $116.5 million Vax for the Win incentives program kicked off on June 4 to motivate residents to get vaccinated before the state's reopening on June 15. Following the drawing, members of the public notified the state of scammers impersonating state officials through calls, email, text, and direct messages on social media.

If you encounter a possible vaccine incentive scam, please email or call the Vax for the Win incentives hotline at 1-833-993-3873.    

Here are the facts about the state's program:

  • There is no process for entry in the Vax for the Win program. All vaccinated individuals are automatically entered.

  • Winners can decline the prize and/or remain anonymous. The privacy of winners is protected. Only CDPH knows the identity of the person associated with the random number drawn.   

  • Winners will be notified by CDPH officials through an official "State of CA CDPH" caller and text ID, a CDPH email address, or in person by CDPH staff.  

  • Winners will not be asked to pay any fees associated with verifying eligibility for the cash prize.

  • Winners will not be asked to provide their bank information. 

  • CDPH will email winners an official state government form to be awarded their winnings. A check will be mailed to the winner by the State Controller's Office.

For reliable information and details of the Vax for the Win program, please visit here to view the Terms and Conditions of the program. 

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