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Medicare Open Enrollment Health Fairs

It is that time of year again! Medicare Open Enrollment (October 15th – December 7th) is fast approaching and as you know, this is the time when all Medicare beneficiaries can reevaluate their Part D prescription drug plan. Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences students would love to help you.


Medicare events over the last 12 years suggest approximately 80% of individuals can potentially save money (average of $1,016/person per year) by switching to a different Part D prescription drug plan for the upcoming year.


University of the Pacific will offer 13 public Medicare Health fairs in nine cities throughout northern and central California this year, beginning October 17. All screening/services are FREE!


In addition to core services of helping beneficiaries minimize their Part D out-of-pocket drug costs and ensuring that their medications are safe and effective to take together by performing a comprehensive medication review, the event includes all of the following screenings/services:

·       Cholesterol testing

·       Blood pressure testing

·       Diabetes testing

·       Flu vaccine

·       Bone density testing

·       Asthma/COPD testing

·       Falls risk assessment

·       Depression screening

·       Memory decline screening

·       Anemia testing

·       Sleep disorders screening

·       Anxiety screening AND our newest service addition…

·       Naloxone Nasal Spray for those who may be at risk for an accidental opioid overdose


As always, ALL of the aforementioned screenings/services are offered FREE of charge!


If you have questions about our events or anything related to our Medicare program please call us at 209-910-DRUG (3784).

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