Young Adults Graduating & Advancing - for ages 14-24

Young Adult learns NVDA on a comptuer.

YAGA Workshops

The Community Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired presents our quarterly workshops for young adults aged fourteen to twenty-four.  Each workshop will focus on specific aspects for our youth of today to help them advance in their educational and career experiences throughout the year. 

Transitioning from high school to college to a career can be a daunting task even for sighted youth today.  With attendance to the YAGA workshops offered by CCBVI, this transition can be guided and stress free for both students and guardians alike.  With the tools for financial aid and college applications, education in self-advocacy, and career building skills activities, each step in this curriculum is geared to enable success for all attendees.

Students in high school will gain knowledge on coursework requirements needed for entry into the college of their choice, best practices for taking and organizing physical and digital notes, accessing textbook information, and communicating effectively with instructors and administration within their own school.

While entering college, YAGA workshop participants will have the opportunity to speak with entrance counselors, employees within disability services in the college system, as well as instruction on when and how to apply for financial aid and college entry itself.

YAGA workshops will also include tours of workplaces eager to hire persons with disabilities, opportunities to intern at local places of business as well as real-world interview practice.  Staff at CCBVI will also give tips and tricks for proper attire for the business world depending on situations.

Please pose any questions to Elsie Hirata, by email at or by phone at 209.466.3836 x 201.


Spring Workshop: April 25-26 2020

April 25, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, April 26, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Exploring internships, careers, and interviews.

In April, join the CCBVI’s quarterly YAGA workshop focusing on the experience of blind and low vision pre, current, and post collegiate students. You will have the opportunity to speak with business leaders eager to hire individuals with disabilities, develop self-advocacy skills, practice your mobility all while connecting with blind and low vision peers.  Throughout the weekend, you will be working with blind and low vision mentors who can assist with employment skills and techniques to increase your access to potential careers.

This quarter’s workshop will equip you with the knowledge of disability accommodations while speaking with hiring agents and how to request accommodations for yourself.  This workshop will discuss the application process for future careers. The weekend is spent learning from blind and low vision mentors and allies wile engaging in activities which further support young adults in their quest for independence.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will examine their own career goals and take a personal career evaluation to identify strengths and areas which can be enhanced with additional training.
  • While speaking with low vision and blind professionals, learn how to request reasonable accommodations from Human Resources.
  • Students will participate in role playing scenarios to help identify and overcome discrimination in the workplace.
  • Learn appropriate social media presence and proper attire for interviews.

Things to Bring:

Your prefered notetaking device(s)

Lunch will be provided

How to Attend:

If you are interested in participating in the YAGA Spring Weekend Workshop, please:

  1. Contact your counselor at the Department of Rehabilitation to gain authorization to attend the workshop.
  2. Schedule attendance with Elsie Hirata, by email at or by phone at 209.466.3836 x 201.

the YAGA Workshop costs $450 to attend if you wish to pay for your attendance.  Please contact Elsie for any additional information.