Assistive technology instructor demonstrates a desktop video magnifier.

Community Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired offers a variety of programs and services that enable individuals who are visually impaired or blind to be as independent as their situations allow and participate fully in society.

Information and Referral

Connects individuals who are visually impaired with a network of ancillary services and programs–Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Joaquin County Department of Aging, Social Security Administration, State Department of Rehabilitation, State Library Service, Veterans Administration, and others–that enables them to live independently and productively.

Adjustment to Vision Loss

Provides useful and practical information that assists with the emotional adjustment to vision loss. Participants obtain information about local community resources and other services for people who are blind or visually impaired. Designed to increase self-esteem, Adjustment to Vision Loss offers participants the opportunity to discuss feelings and reactions to vision loss; peer support aids the adjustment process.

Vision Loss: A Family Affair

Offers advice and direction to family, friends, and caregivers on ways to assist a loved one with adapting successfully to the many changes that accompany vision loss.

Braille Literacy

Teaches individuals a tactile method of reading and writing. Individuals use Braille to label household items, take notes, read and write. By using Braille, people who are blind can review and study the written word. Most of all, individuals have access to a wide range of reading materials including educational and recreational reading and practical manuals. Also, through Braille, people who are blind can pursue hobbies and cultural enrichment with such materials as music scores, playing cards, bingo cards, board games.

Daily Living Skills

Teaches people who are visually impaired and blind the techniques used to cook, maintain a home, manage money, and care for oneself. Classes are community based; home visits assist with adapting techniques to home environments.

Orientation and Mobility

Orientation and Mobility teaches individuals to familiarize themselves with and travel safely and efficiently through various environments using remaining vision, a long cane and/or optical aids. Orientation and Mobility enhances movement within home, school, work, and community settings.

Low Vision and Blindness Aids

Community Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired stocks an array of items that foster independence and make life more productive for people who have limited or no vision. Canes, magnifiers, talking timepieces, and braille and large print playing cards are among the products available for purchase.

A woman shows a young boy who is visually impaired how to hold a bow.

Leisure Skills Program

Offers many enjoyable educational, recreational and social activities–crafts, ceramics, bingo, field trips, gardening, card games, socials–that develop self-esteem, prevent isolation and afford opportunities to socialize with peers in a supportive environment. A monthly calendar of upcoming events is made available to clients and visitors.

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Clients learn to mold clay into wind chimes, picture frames, and a variety of other items. Cleaning, firing and painting ceramic objects are also very popular.

Arts & Crafts

A client learns flower arranging.

From flower arranging, to wood crafts, individuals use their tactile senses to produce practical and lovely items for themselves, family, or friends.